Cluedle is an immersive and suspenseful word puzzle game that invites players to become detectives and unravel mysteries by guessing secret words based on limited clues. With its intriguing gameplay, players embark on thrilling investigative journeys, challenging their deductive skills and word knowledge to solve captivating cases.


Mysterious Clues: Cluedle presents players with a set of clues related to a secret word. These clues can be in the form of definitions, synonyms, antonyms, rhymes, or riddles, providing players with subtle hints to deduce the mystery word.

Limited Attempts: Players have a limited number of attempts to guess the secret word correctly. Each incorrect guess brings them closer to the solution, adding suspense to the game.

Word Formation: To make a guess, players must use their observational skills and deductive reasoning to combine letters provided on the screen to form the mystery word.

Themed Mysteries: Cluedle offers themed mysteries with different settings, such as a haunted mansion, a crime scene, an ancient temple, or a secret laboratory. Each theme introduces unique clues and adds depth to the gameplay.

Difficulty Levels: The game accommodates players of varying skill levels. Beginners can enjoy accessible mysteries, while advanced players can take on more complex cases with intricate clues.

Time Challenge (Optional): For those seeking an extra thrill, Cluedle can include a time challenge mode where players must solve the mystery word within a specified time limit, intensifying the suspense and excitement.

Hint System: To aid players when faced with particularly challenging mysteries, Cluedle provides a hint system. Hints may offer additional clues or reveal specific letters in the mystery word.

Visuals and Sound: Cluedle features captivating visuals that complement each mystery theme, creating an immersive atmosphere. Eerie background music and sound effects enhance the suspenseful ambiance of the game.

Story-driven Adventure: Each mystery in Cluedle is woven into a captivating story that unfolds as players progress through the game. As detectives, players become fully engaged in the narrative, motivating them to solve the mysteries.


Cluedle is an intriguing and challenging word puzzle game that allows players to immerse themselves in the role of a detective, solving captivating cases by deducing the mystery words. With its mysterious clues, themed mysteries, and captivating narratives, Cluedle offers an unforgettable adventure for word puzzle enthusiasts and mystery lovers alike. Whether played to exercise deductive skills or simply to indulge in the thrill of solving mysteries, Cluedle promises an immersive and suspenseful gaming experience that keeps players engaged and entertained throughout their detective journey.

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