Yeardle is a unique and engaging word puzzle game that combines the thrill of word guessing with the richness of historical knowledge. Designed for history enthusiasts and curious minds alike, Yeardle challenges players to dive into the past and showcase their understanding of historical events.


In Yeardle, players are presented with a year from history, ranging from ancient times to more recent eras. The goal is to guess three significant events that occurred in that specific year. These events can include important historical milestones, famous discoveries, notable births or deaths, and other significant occurrences. Players must use their historical knowledge and deduction skills to uncover these events.


Year Selection: Players are given a random historical year as their starting point. The game's database covers a wide range of time periods, ensuring that players encounter diverse and fascinating historical contexts.

Event Guessing: For each chosen year, players have the challenge of guessing three events. They enter their guesses using a word-based interface, similar to the classic game "Wordle." The game provides feedback on the accuracy of the guessed events, guiding players to refine their guesses.

Scoring and Progress: Players earn points based on the accuracy and speed of their guesses. As they progress through different historical years, the complexity of the events might increase, offering an escalating challenge that keeps players engaged and motivated to expand their historical knowledge.

Learning Opportunities: Yeardle isn't just about guessing—it's also a learning experience. After each round, players receive detailed information about the events associated with the chosen year. This not only enriches their historical understanding but also encourages them to explore further on their own.

Educational Benefits:

Yeardle serves as an educational tool wrapped in an enjoyable gaming experience. Players not only have fun while playing but also gain a deeper appreciation for history, learning about the interconnected events that shaped our world. It's a wonderful way to spark curiosity and encourage individuals to explore history beyond the game.

Community and Competition:

Yeardle can also include a community aspect where players can share their achievements and compare their scores with others. This fosters a sense of friendly competition and encourages players to keep improving their historical knowledge.


Yeardle is a captivating history-based Wordle game that challenges players to connect with the past in a unique and interactive way. By combining the excitement of word puzzles with the fascination of historical events, the game offers both entertainment and enlightenment, making it an excellent choice for history buffs and learners alike.

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