Cuberdle is a challenging and addictive word puzzle game that tests players' skills in both pattern recognition and problem-solving. The game merges the mechanics of a Rubik's Cube with the engaging gameplay of Wordle.


The objective of Cuberdle is to solve a randomized virtual Rubik's Cube within a specified number of moves. The player must decipher the correct combination of moves required to return all the faces of the cube to their original, unscrambled state.


Cube Setup: At the start of each round, the virtual Rubik's Cube is randomly scrambled, creating a unique pattern of colors on its six faces.

Move Count: Players are given a limited number of moves to solve the cube. The move count varies depending on the difficulty level chosen by the player.

Making Moves: Similar to solving a physical Rubik's Cube, players make moves by swiping or tapping on the virtual cube's faces. The game provides intuitive controls to rotate specific layers of the cube in different directions (clockwise or counterclockwise).

Feedback: After each move, the cube's state updates, displaying the new arrangement of colors on the faces. Additionally, Cuberdle provides visual cues or feedback to indicate if a move was helpful in solving the puzzle.

Wordle-like Aspect: Here's where the Wordle-inspired element comes in. The game gives players the opportunity to guess the correct solution in the form of a sequence of moves. After each attempt, the game informs the player about how many moves are correct and in the right position (similar to Wordle's letter placement feedback).

Strategy and Logic: Players must use their deductive skills and logic to analyze the feedback and refine their guesses for the optimal sequence of moves.

Winning and Scoring: If the player manages to solve the cube within the given move count, they win the round. The game could offer a scoring system based on the number of moves used to solve the puzzle, encouraging players to improve their skills over time.

Game Modes:

Cuberdle can offer multiple game modes to cater to different player preferences and skill levels, such as:

Easy: More lenient move count and simpler cube scrambles.

Medium: A moderate challenge with a moderate number of moves allowed.

Hard: A tough puzzle with a limited number of moves, requiring advanced solving techniques.


Cuberdle brings a fresh and exciting twist to the classic Rubik's Cube challenge by infusing it with the addictive and rewarding elements of Wordle's guessing gameplay. The combination of pattern recognition, logic, and limited moves creates a captivating gaming experience that appeals to both Rubik's Cube enthusiasts and puzzle lovers alike.

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