Daily Crossword

Daily Crossword is a beloved and timeless word puzzle game that has been entertaining and challenging players of all ages for decades. This classic puzzle...

About Daily Crossword

Daily Crossword is a beloved and timeless word puzzle game that has been entertaining and challenging players of all ages for decades. This classic puzzle provides a perfect blend of language skills, logic, and entertainment. With its daily availability and varying levels of difficulty, it has become a daily ritual for crossword enthusiasts, offering a delightful way to sharpen one's mind and vocabulary.

The Basics:

Daily Crossword is a word puzzle game that consists of a grid, typically in a square or rectangular shape, filled with white and black squares. Clues are given for a set of words, both across and down, with corresponding boxes in the grid for you to fill in the correct letters. The goal is to complete the grid by filling in all the white squares with the appropriate letters and forming intersecting words.

Key Features:

  1. Daily Challenges: As the name suggests, the game offers a new crossword puzzle every day. The joy of discovering a fresh challenge each morning keeps players engaged and eager to solve the puzzle.

  2. Varying Difficulty Levels: Daily Crossword caters to a broad audience by offering puzzles of varying difficulty levels. Novices can enjoy easy puzzles while more seasoned players can tackle challenging ones. This adaptability allows players to gradually improve their skills.

  3. Clues and Hints: Clues provide players with hints to help them solve the puzzle. These hints can be cryptic, straightforward, or even include wordplay, making each puzzle unique. For those who need a little extra help, some versions of the game provide hints or reveal single letters.

  4. Satisfaction of Completion: There's an immense sense of accomplishment when you successfully fill in the last square of a crossword puzzle. It's a satisfying experience that keeps players coming back for more.

  5. Vocabulary Building: Daily Crossword is an excellent tool for expanding your vocabulary. By encountering new words and their definitions regularly, players enhance their linguistic knowledge.

  6. Mental Stimulation: Engaging in crossword puzzles is not only fun but also an effective way to exercise your brain. It boosts problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and memory.

Historical Significance:

The crossword puzzle has a rich history, dating back to the late 19th century. Arthur Wynne is often credited with creating the first crossword puzzle in 1913, and the game quickly gained popularity. Newspapers began featuring daily crossword puzzles, contributing to their widespread appeal and endurance as a daily pastime.

Modern Adaptations:

While newspapers were the primary medium for distributing crossword puzzles in the past, the digital age has seen a transition to online platforms and crossword apps. These digital versions offer the same daily challenges and even introduce interactive features, such as online leaderboards and the ability to compete with friends.


Daily Crossword has remained a favorite among word puzzle enthusiasts for generations. Its enduring appeal is a testament to its ability to entertain, educate, and stimulate the mind. Whether you're a crossword novice or an experienced cruciverbalist, this classic game is a delightful way to start your day and enhance your language skills. So, grab a pen or fire up your favorite crossword app, and embark on a journey of words and wits with the timeless delight of Daily Crossword.

How to play Daily Crossword

Using Mouse

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