Dotadle is a browser-based guessing game inspired by Wordle, where you have six attempts to identify a mystery Dota 2 hero based solely on clues from their inventory at different points in the game. Instead of letters, you'll be presented with snapshots of the hero's backpack at various stages of the match, with each snapshot revealing one or two new items.

What makes Dotadle special?

  • A unique twist on the Wordle formula: Dotadle adds a layer of strategic thinking and deduction to the classic Wordle format, making it even more challenging and rewarding.
  • Tests your Dota 2 knowledge: The game requires you to have a deep understanding of Dota 2 heroes, their item builds, and their playstyles.
  • Highly replayable: With 121 playable heroes in Dota 2, there are countless possibilities for the mystery hero, ensuring that you can come back for more every day.
  • A thriving community: Dotadle has spawned a passionate community of players online who share tips, strategies, and their daily guesses.

Tips for Dotadle success:

  • Think strategically: Consider the timing of each item appearing in the inventory. Early-game items might point towards supports or carries, while late-game items could be for heroes who scale well.
  • Remember item synergies: Certain items often appear together on specific heroes. For example, Black King Bar and Manta Style are a popular combination for Phantom Lancer.
  • Don't be afraid to guess boldly: Sometimes, a lucky guess early on can save you precious attempts.
  • Join the community: Learn from other players' experiences and share your strategies on social media or online forums.

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