Linkr is an innovative and challenging puzzle game that revolves around connecting various elements, symbols, or nodes in a strategic and logical manner.

About Linkr

Linkr is an innovative and challenging puzzle game that revolves around connecting various elements, symbols, or nodes in a strategic and logical manner. Players must utilize their problem-solving and spatial reasoning skills to create connections and complete intricate puzzles.


Grid-based Puzzle: Linkr presents players with a grid-based puzzle board. The board contains nodes or symbols scattered across the grid, and players must connect these elements to achieve specific objectives.

Connection Rules: Each puzzle in Linkr has its own set of connection rules. These rules determine how elements can be linked together. Connections may be based on colors, shapes, patterns, or other criteria, requiring players to think creatively and find suitable links.

Drag-and-Connect Mechanic: Players can connect elements by dragging their finger or cursor on the puzzle board. When they successfully form a valid connection according to the puzzle's rules, the linked elements light up, indicating progress.

Obstacles and Challenges: As players advance through Linkr's levels, they encounter various obstacles and challenges that add complexity to the puzzles. These may include blocked paths, limited moves, or elements that need to be linked in a particular sequence.

Multiple Solutions: Linkr offers multiple solutions for each puzzle, encouraging players to experiment and explore various connections. Players can strive to find the most efficient and elegant solutions to improve their performance.

Hint System: For players who may find some puzzles particularly challenging, Linkr can include a hint system. Hints provide clues or suggestions on how to make progress without fully revealing the solution.

Level Progression and Themes: Linkr can feature different themed worlds or chapters, each introducing new mechanics, rules, and challenges. As players complete levels within a theme, they unlock the next, leading to a sense of achievement and progression.

Time Trials and Leaderboards: To add a competitive element, Linkr can include time trials for completing puzzles quickly. Players can compete for high scores and strive to top the leaderboards, fostering a sense of community and friendly competition.

Visuals and Sound: Linkr presents players with visually appealing graphics and animations that enhance the puzzle-solving experience. A relaxing and atmospheric soundtrack complements the gameplay, making the game enjoyable and immersive.


Linkr is an engaging and thought-provoking puzzle game that showcases the joy of connecting elements in strategic and creative ways. With its diverse puzzles, various challenges, and intuitive drag-and-connect mechanics, Linkr offers players a satisfying and rewarding experience. Whether playing for relaxation or competing for high scores, Linkr provides an exciting and entertaining journey through a world of interconnected puzzles.

How to play Linkr

Using Mouse

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