Periodle is an innovative word-guessing game that merges the mechanics of Wordle with the intriguing world of chemistry and the periodic table of elements.

About Periodle

Periodle is an innovative word-guessing game that merges the mechanics of Wordle with the intriguing world of chemistry and the periodic table of elements. Players will engage in exciting challenges that test their knowledge of chemical symbols, properties, and atomic numbers while having fun with word puzzles.


Periodic Table Themes: In Periodle, players can choose from various themes based on the periodic table. Each theme focuses on a specific category of elements, such as metals, nonmetals, halogens, or noble gases.

Mystery Elements: At the beginning of each round, the game randomly selects an element from the chosen theme. The element's chemical symbol appears as a series of blanks, representing the unknown letters to be guessed.

Wordle-style Guessing: Players have a limited number of attempts to guess the correct chemical symbol of the mystery element, similar to Wordle's guessing mechanics. After each guess, the game provides feedback by indicating which letters are correct and in the right position and which ones are incorrect.

Learning and Discovery: Periodle not only tests players' knowledge of the periodic table but also encourages learning and discovery. Players can tap on the revealed chemical symbols to access additional information about the element, such as its atomic number, atomic mass, and some interesting facts or properties.

Difficulty Levels: The game offers different difficulty levels, catering to players with varying levels of knowledge about chemistry. Beginner levels may focus on common elements, while higher levels may challenge players with rare or less-known elements.

Progression and Challenges: As players successfully identify elements, they earn points and progress through levels. The game may introduce challenges like timed rounds or restrictions on the number of guesses, increasing the level of excitement and difficulty.

Element Mastery: Periodle tracks players' mastery of different elements, highlighting those they have successfully guessed in previous rounds. Players can access an "Element Mastery" section to review and reinforce their understanding of specific elements.

Visual and Audio Elements: To enhance the gaming experience, Periodle incorporates engaging visuals of elements, animations, and sound effects that correspond to the periodic table theme selected by the player.


Periodle is a captivating and educational word-guessing game that merges the fun of Wordle with the fascinating world of chemistry. Players can improve their knowledge of chemical elements while enjoying challenging puzzles and engaging with the periodic table in a unique and entertaining way. Periodle is an excellent choice for both word game enthusiasts and science lovers looking to learn and have fun simultaneously.

How to play Periodle

Using Mouse

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