Game Overview:

Shadle is an engaging and interactive word game designed for players who enjoy challenges related to vocabulary, word associations, and deductive reasoning. It can be played by individuals, in small groups, or as a party game.


  1. Setup: Players gather in a circle or around a table. One player is designated as the "clue giver" for the current round, while the others are the "guessers."

  2. Word Selection: The clue giver secretly selects a word or phrase from a predetermined set of words or phrases. This word/phrase will be the target for the guessers to figure out.

  3. Clue Giving: The clue giver provides clues or hints to help the guessers identify the target word/phrase. These clues can take various forms, such as synonyms, antonyms, rhymes, or descriptions. The challenge for the clue giver is to be creative and strategic with their clues to guide the guessers without giving away the answer too easily.

  4. Guessing: The guessers actively listen to the clues and make their guesses. They can take turns or guess collectively as a team. The goal is to guess the target word/phrase as quickly as possible.

  5. Scoring: Depending on the rules of the game, points may be awarded to the guessers based on factors like the time it takes to guess correctly, the number of clues given, or the level of difficulty of the word/phrase.

  6. Rotation: After a round, the roles are typically rotated, allowing each player to take turns as the clue giver.


  • Categories: In some versions of the game, the target words or phrases may be restricted to specific categories, such as movies, famous people, or places, adding an additional layer of challenge and strategy.
  • Time Limits: To increase the level of difficulty, players may introduce time limits for providing clues and making guesses.
  • Teams: Shadle can also be played in teams, where players take turns being the clue giver within their team.


The primary objective of Shadle is for the guessers to correctly identify the target word/phrase based on the clues provided by the clue giver. The game fosters communication, creativity, and word association skills among players.

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