Whodle is an exciting and intriguing word puzzle game that blends elements of "Wordle" and classic "Whodunit" mysteries. Players must use their word-solving...

About Whodle

Whodle is an exciting and intriguing word puzzle game that blends elements of "Wordle" and classic "Whodunit" mysteries. Players must use their word-solving skills and detective instincts to uncover a hidden word while following clues to identify the mysterious culprit behind the word.


Crime Scene Setup: Each Whodle puzzle begins with a crime scene setup, where players are introduced to a story surrounding a mysterious word. The word is related to a central theme or event, and it serves as a crucial clue in solving the mystery.

Hidden Word: The game presents a hidden word related to the crime scene. The word is concealed by blanks, representing the unknown letters that players must guess.

Clues and Hints: Alongside the hidden word, players receive a set of clues and hints related to the crime scene and the identity of the culprit. These clues can be in the form of text descriptions, images, or audio clips, offering insights into the word's meaning and its relevance to the mystery.

Wordle-style Guessing: Similar to Wordle, players have a limited number of attempts to guess the hidden word correctly. After each guess, the game provides feedback, indicating which letters are correct and in the right position and which ones are incorrect.

Detective Deduction: Whodle introduces a detective deduction aspect to the gameplay. As players progress through the game, they must carefully analyze the provided clues to narrow down potential suspects linked to the hidden word.

Interrogation Rounds: To make the game more immersive, Whodle may include interrogation rounds, where players can question suspects based on the clues they've collected. The answers from the suspects can offer additional hints or lead players closer to the truth.

Solving the Mystery: Players solve the mystery by successfully guessing the hidden word and identifying the real culprit. The game may present different possible culprits throughout the gameplay to keep players engaged and guessing until the final reveal.

Story-driven Narrative: Whodle combines puzzle-solving with an engaging narrative that unfolds as players progress through the game. The story adds depth to the word puzzle challenges and keeps players invested in solving the mystery.

Visuals and Audio: Whodle boasts captivating visuals and atmospheric audio, creating a compelling gaming experience that immerses players in the world of crime-solving and word-guessing.


Whodle offers a unique and thrilling blend of word puzzle challenges and detective mystery elements. By combining the excitement of Wordle-style guessing with the intrigue of a "Whodunit" mystery, the game keeps players entertained and engaged as they strive to solve the hidden word and uncover the truth behind the crime scene. Whodle's immersive storytelling, diverse clues, and strategic word-solving make it an excellent choice for puzzle enthusiasts and fans of mystery-solving games alike.

How to play Whodle

Using Mouse

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